Bons plans de la semaine 9-15 Avril


Au programme ce week-end: un festival du film italien gratuit et la soirée concert mensuelle Paris is Burning.

1. Festival du film italien avec pleins de films gratuits. Les meilleurs films du Salento International Film Festival (SIFF) seront projetés. Pour y assister, il suffit simplement de remplir son inscription en ligne sur

Quand? de Vendredi 13 à Dimanche 15 Avril 2012 inclus.

Vendredi 13 Avril:

  • 18:30 -Film SINESTESIA de Erik Bernasconi – Svizzera 2010, 91 min. En italien, sous-titré anglais.

Résumé: “Sinestesia” chronicles the vicissitudes of four young adults in two moments of their lives which are in turn linked to two dramatic episodes three years apart. The intervening years see the characters confronted by the usual joys and difficulties of everyday life. However, they also find themselves having to react to a destiny which, every now and again, places a crossroads in our way. The main character is Alan. Around him are his wife, Françoise, his young lover Michela, and Igor, his best friend. The plot of the film is based largely on observations of everyday life and draws on episodes which actually happened. The narration is organised into chapters. Each chapter is inspired by a particular genre of cinema (romance, thriller, comedy, drama).

  • 20:30 – Film 6 GIORNI SULLA TERRA de Varo Venturi, Italia 2011, 105 min. En italien, sous-titré anglais.

Résumé: Dr. Davide, a courageous scientist, has been studying thousands of cases related to alien abductions, obtaining by the abductees under hypnosis, the unsettling thesis that some extraterrestrial races have been installing for millennia their active memories in the abducted people’s brains, in order to “live” through them in this dimension, exploiting a special human energy: the Soul… But when the scientist will decide to help Saturnia, a seductive eighteen-old girl that believes she has been abducted, and shows a clear attraction for him – he will have to face an insurmountable problem: once hypnotized, Saturnia will not leave anymore the trance condition, giving place to Hexabor of Ur – an alien entity coming from Mesopotamian ages that consider himself an half-god. This will be complicated by the unexpected discovery that Saturnia belong to a wealthy black aristocracy’s family.
Samedi 14 Avril:

  • 17:00IMMIGRANT SON Doc de Frank Cappiello – USA 2011, 57 min. En anglais.

Résumé: The Story of John D. Mezzogiorno is debut director Frank Cappiello’s compelling first feature-length film. Written in close collaboration with his brother Justin Cappiello, it follows the story of an archetypal family four generations in America. Through trial and tribulation, it is the story of a family, but also of a City, and a Nation. From the green velvet fields of pastoral 19th Century Italy, and the mountainous peaks of the Southern Apennines, this 55 minute documentary film traces the voyage of a family with peasant roots from their journey across the Atlantic and arrival at Ellis Island, and the slums of the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and on to the Bronx of the 1910’s-1960’s, a promised land. The American Dream.

Résumé: Set in Leeds, in the North of England, between the the 1950s and 1980s, Betty is a young wife and mother whose life is changed forever after she falls hopelessly and dangerously in love with her charismatic Polish neighbour, Alex Crazenovski, better known as “Craze”. Against her principles, she soon abandons herself to a world of untapped thrills and passion, a world that has been so desperately missing from her own conventional and claustrophobic marriage. But little does Betty realise that her compulsive passion and its consequences will create ripples that reach far into her later life, imploding 30 years later on her beloved son’s wedding day.

Dimanche 15 Avril:

  • 17:00-Film THE DUCK HUNTER di Egidio Veronesi – Italia 2011, 92 min. En italien, sous-titré anglais.

Résumé: Year 1942. The front of the war is still far and in a little provincial town, between the south of Modena and the river Po, Mario and his friends live their youth free and easy. Each of them has his or her own dream to fulfill: Loris, the Casanova, hopes one day he’ll manage to go to Paris. In the meantime he begins a relationship with Luisa, who’s engaged to Archimede, a young fascist. Oreste the motorcyclist dreams of a new motorcycle. Gino is the village fool. He lives alone, with a canary and would like to become mayor. Mario is the only one to be married and has a daughter, Alice. He dreams of giving her an old piano, for her to study music, just like he would’ve loved to do as a child. But the coming of the war and the mishaps of life will very soon end up to overwhelm their destinies

  • 19:00 – Film THE BLACK TULIP di Sonia Nassery Cole – Afghanistan 2011, 110 min. En anglais.

Résumé: After the Taliban is routed from Afghanistan in early 2001, the Mansouri family seizes the new window of freedom by opening a restaurant called “The Poet’s Corner”, with an open microphone and an inviting platform for all to read poetry, prform music and tell their stories. This newfound hope proves to be fleeting as they struggle to maintain their way of life when encountering opposition from lingering factions of the Taliban. “Black Tulip” is a modern portrait of Afghanistan that captures the current plight and resilience of its people. The film was made to give voice to the voiceless people of Afghanistan by telling a story through the eyes of ann everyday family from kabul, who remain hopeful despite constant struggle and Traged.

Où? Italian Cultural Institute, 39 Belgrave Square  London SW1X 8NX. Métro: Hyde Park Corner.

2. Soirée concert Paris is Burning. 1 soirée, 3 groupes pour seulement £5. Le rendez-vous mensuel pour ceux qui aiment les concerts rocks. C’est un événement organisé par des Français, le principe, au moins un groupe français sur les 3. Voilà Londres! recommande cet événement, excellente soirée assurée. Plus d’infos sur la page Facebook.

Quand? Samedi 12 Avril à partir de 19h jusqu’à environ 22h. Entrée £5 si vous inscrivez sur la page Facebook, sinon £7 à l’entrée.

Où? Pub The Lexington, 96-98 Pentonville Road, London N1 9JBmétro: Angel.

Au programme:

THE PERFECT IDIOTS. Pour écouter c’est ici.

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