Le festival Voilà! au Cockpit édition 2016 (concours inside)


Le festival Voilà! revient à Londres pour sa 4ème édition du 2 au 13 novembre 2016 au Cockpit avec au programme théâtre, musique, danse, match d’impro et plein d’autres évènements. Un concours est d’ailleurs organisé pour gagner des places pour l’un des spectacles (voir en bas de page).

  • Quand? Du mercredi 2 au dimanche 13 novembre 2016.
  • Où? The Cockpit, Gateforth St, NW8 8EH. Métro: Edgware Road ou Marylebone.
  • Combien? A partir de £5 en avance. L’achat d’un spectacle permet d’obtenir -50% sur le prix d’un 2ème spectacle dans la soirée. Voir les différents prix sur le site du Cockpit.
  • Réservations et toute la programmation sur le site du Cockpit.

Voila! Festival Opening Night / Press Night: Meet the companies and artists, and watch teasers of their shows to whet your appetite! Enjoy a drink on us, and experience the electric atmosphere that Voila! creates every year! FREE EVENT. Nov. 2nd 7pm.
Borderline: “I want to create a comedy play with refugees about the Jungle.” “A comedy?… About the Jungle???” An immersive show full of hope with clowning, music and poetry. In English (with French/Pashto/Farsi & Arabic). Nov. 2nd 8:30pm / Nov. 3rd 7pm / Nov. 6th 4pm.
Le Grand Meaulnes, a reverie – At Conway Hall: London 1905. A young Alain-Fournier yearns for lost love. An outpouring of poetry, letters and song sow the seeds of his great novel, Le Grand Meaulnes, published in 1913, a year before he was killed in the Great War. (Bilingual show). Nov. 2nd 7:30pm – at Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL.
Nadja after André Breton: Andre Breton’s Nadja, begins with the question, “Who am I?” Nadja’s story is told through performance, a melting ice installation and you. You choose how the work unfolds in a live game of questioning. (In English) Nov. 3rd 8:30 / Nov. 4th 10pm / Nov. 8th 8:30pm.
Precieuses Ridicules #2016: Mags and Cat have landed in London to learn to speak English. Or more importantly they’re here to find love – with a capital L. A modern stage adaptation of Moliere’s classic comedy re-imagined for the Facebook/ Twitter/Instagram generation. This interactive adventure begins online! Follow them…#SummerLoveAdventure #PrecieusesRidicules2016 #Butter&Jam (Bilingual show) Nov. 4th 8:30pm / Nov 5th 6pm.
Resources of Quinola: A quixotic tale of money and politics, energy and technology, love and invention. Resources of Quinola is fuelled by a mad desire to move the world into a new epoch. Balzac’s witty, piquant plot is cutting, prescient, and irate: a potent draught that goes down smooth but sharp. (In English) November 4th 7pm / November 9th 8:30pm.
Les Derniers Chants de Lucan: A short film inspired by Charles Baudelaire’s “Paris Spleen”. Directed by Ryan Kiggel and Olivia Rose, with a live percussive performance by Jamie Misselbrook. November 3rd 10pm. Free screening, 17 mins.
Des Fraises en Janvier By Evelyne de la Cheneliere: A romantic intrigue and a dark, comedic game of truth or lie. Sophie and Francois fancy each other but can’t seem to commit. Lea is a country girl trying to find her friend Sophie in the city. François introduces her to his friend Robert, who will eventually end up with Lea … Reality or fiction, which one is Francois writing? (In French) Nov. 5th 7:30pm / Nov. 10th 7pm.
Match d’impro: FBI hosts ATIM from Belgium: Two Teams, One Umpire, and You, the voting audience will declare the winner! The London-based French Improvisation group will be taking on a team from Belgium in a heated improv match! Come cheer them on, shout out themes, heckle the umpire and rate each round to decide which team is champion! (In French) Nov. 5th 9pm.
Cactus Comedy: Comedians from France cross the Channel for your delight! “You can’t laugh about everything”… This is exactly what CACTUS COMEDY comedians dare to challenge !They deliver a politically incorrect, committed, corrosive, and disrespectful humour that will make you laugh about serious topics which often concern most people: politics, religion, racism, extremism, ecology and so forth… Nov. 6th at 6pm.
Boy’s Club: Women, like Men, only cheaper! We might go full monty and may get our knickers in a twist, but you’ll be shouting “equal pay” through beaming smiles once we finish putting our rockets in your pockets!! Nov. 6th at 7:30pm.
Medee Kali: Laurent Gaudé’s Sequel To The Antique Myth Of Medea. Medée Kali: ‘Do you want to know what that fear is in my eyes, which contaminates passsers by from just one look’. A graphic sequel to one of the most terrifying myth of Greek Antiquity. (In French) Nov. 8th 7pm / Nov. 11th 7:30pm.
MacBeth: Julien Balajas, playwright and director, brings 15 actors to the stage in his new French translation of the classic Shakespeare play. Immersed in an intimate scenery sculpted by light, witness destructive ambition and power. Caution : few scenes may contain humour. “Banquo: Il y aura de la pluie, ce soir.” “Premier meurtrier: Qu’elle tombe !” (In French) Nov. 9th 7pm.
Spectateurs: New writing from Toulouse. Brought to you by a multitalented cast, through song, dance and laughs, asking: Are we just spectators of our own lives? They’ll take you on a trip through France, India
and New York, but watch out, incidents may occur at any time! (In French with recaps and songs in English.) Nov 10th 8:30pm / Nov 11th 7pm.
World Wide Western: Enter the bedroom of a computer geek fascinated by the wild wild west, for an immersive and intimate performance. “I don’t have a horse, I don’t have a French Cancan dancer to shag. There is no dust, nor an ounce of diligence. So what?! I find it all on the web. My western adventure is a digital ride on shortcut keys. ⌘C, ⌘V, bang-bang!” (In French) Nov. 11th 7pm & 8:45pm.
Two to Tune: A sweaty game celebrating instinct. Both a dual & duel, two partners battle an emotional game charged with tension. Lola’s choreography brings both physical complexity and emotional intensity in the coming together, or tuning, of two people through a gestural contest in which mutual understanding and acceptance, rather than winning, are the ultimate goals. (Contemporary Dance). November 11th 10pm.
The Wonderful World of Lapin: Tania has just arrived from Paris for a very special occasion: The World’s Tastiest Carrot Competition! In her leather trunk, she carries her very own garden, from which a whole world is revealed… All her animal friends are desperate for a taste of her prized carrot! Narrated by puppets in English and French. Saturday 12th November 11am & 12pm.
Chat! – Part of The EFG London Jazz Festival: An adaptation of Zola’s tale of self-discovery and freedom, told through live jazz by Toulouse-based band Pulcinella. A cat experiences the hard knock life when adventuring on the rooftops of Paris, far away from the comforts of home. For children 5 – 105 yrs old, any language level. November 13th 3pm.
Jazz in the Round – Part of The EFG London Jazz Festival: Offering access to an inventive and original musical world. This surprisingly high energy 4 piece group fuels the imagination. Dynamic story-telling rises from the compositions and arrangements, with the band blending jazz, rock, tango and eastern European music to create musical stories and sparkling images! November 13th 7:30pm.

CONCOURS: gagnez 2 places pour le spectacle immersif Nadja After André Breton le jeudi 3 novembre à 20h30. Pour celà laissez un commentaire sous l’article (soit sur le blog soit sur la page Facebook). Tirage au sort le 26 octobre 2016.

Voila Festival 2016

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